Wildlife Photography Gear and Techniques

Gear, Tips and techniques for photographing wildlife

nile crocodile

Crocodile vs Buffalo – Wildlife photography

Reading Time: 3 minutes This series of photographs documents the plight of a Cape Buffalo who was singled out by a massive Nile Crocodile while drinking from the banks of the Crocodile River, South Africa.

lion profile at night

How to Photograph Wildlife at Night

Reading Time: 9 minutes Photographing wildlife at night brings a number of challenges so read on for:
Best camera settings
Animals to photograph at night
Night hunt video

photographing birds grey heron

Ultimate guide – Photographing Birds

Reading Time: 16 minutes In this article I cover tips, techniques and equipment for photographing birds that I hope will inspire you to to add this genre to your wildlife and nature photography activities.

cheetah yawning

13 Wildlife Photography Tips for beginners

Reading Time: 8 minutes 13 tips for beginners seeking to capture impactful wildlife images:
1. Know your gear
2. Keep your eye on the background
3. Get very close or very wide
4. Research your subjects
5. It is all about the light
6. Take photographs in the rain
7. Get creative
8. Shoot in RAW
9. Use high speed burst mode
10. Check your settings
11. Shoot at eye level
12. Look for complimentary colors
13. Print your work.

Wildlife photography|Baby vervet monkey

Wildlife images that Work

Reading Time: 5 minutes What makes a great wildlife image? The three elements to look for when you are on wildlife Safari taking photographs are:

1. Action
2. Emotion
3. Behaviour

elephants in infrared

Infrared Wildlife Photography

Reading Time: 5 minutes Infrared wildlife and nature photography remains relatively unexplored. In this article I share some ideas, techniques and gear that will help you get started.

young male lion

Best Camera settings for Wildlife Photography

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here are my default camera settings for wildlife photography:
1. Aperture: f/6.3
2. Shutter Speed:1/1250
3. ISO: Auto
4. Camera Mode: Manual 
5. Metering Mode: Matrix/Multi
6. Focus Mode: AF-C 
7. Focus Area: Single-point 
8. White Balance: Automatic
9. File Format: Raw uncompressed
10. Drive Mode: Continuous high

elephant in bushes

The Big 5 : Photographing the Elephant

Reading Time: 5 minutes 7 tips for photographing elephant:

1. Know where to find them
2. Position your vehicle correctly
3. Observe their behaviour
4. Choose the correct lens
5. Choose the correct camera settings
6. Experiment with close ups
7. Know when to leave

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