Wildlife Photography Gear and Techniques

Gear, Tips and techniques for photographing wildlife

cheap vs expensive tripods for wildlife and nature photography

Cheap vs Professional tripods for Wildlife

Reading Time: 7 minutes There are 9 factors to consider when choosing a tripod for wildlife and nature photography.

1. What is the primary use of the tripod?
2. What type of tripod head will you be using?
3. Where are you going to use the tripod?
4. What is the weight of the equipment you will be supporting?
5. Do you want carbon fiber or aluminium?
6. How high does the tripod need to extend?
7. How low does the tripod need to go?
8. Do you want flip lock tripod legs or twist lock tripod legs?
8. How much do you want to spend?

camera lenses things you need to know

Camera lenses: 9 things you need to know

Reading Time: 5 minutes This article answers the 9 most commonly asked questions I get about lenses:
1. Are camera lenses universal?
2. Are camera lens protectors necessary?
3. Do camera lenses wear out?
4. Are camera lenses cheaper in Japan?
5. How much does lens cleaning cost?
6. How much does lens repair cost?
7. What happens if you drop a camera lens?
8. Do camera lenses affect colour?
9. Do camera lens adapters affect image quality?

wildlife photography faqs photographers on game viewing vehicle

Wildlife Photography – frequently asked questions

Reading Time: 7 minutes I have spent more than 20 years photographing wildlife in the African bush. Here are 7 of the most frequently asked questions I get:

1. Is Wildlife photography a good Career?
2. How much do photographers earn?
3. How do I sell my wildlife photos?
4. What kind of wildlife photos sell?
5. Do wildlife photographers edit their photos?
6. What skills do wildlife photographers need?
7. What are the best wildlife photography competitions?

best binoculars for birding and wildlife

Best Binoculars for Birding and Wildlife

Reading Time: 13 minutes The recommendations made in this article are based on evaluation of the following 4 points of consideration:

1. Image quality
2. Size and Weight
3. Overall build quality
4. Price

infra red filter

5 Camera Lens Filters you need to know

Reading Time: 5 minutes In this article we discuss the following 5 camera lens filters: UV filters Polarising filters Neutral Density (ND) filters Variable Neutral Density filters Infra Red (IR) filters But first, what is a camera lens filter. What is a Camera Lens Filter? Camera lens filters are glass elements that either screw in or slot in front …

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