Andrew Chislett

animals of the kruger national park hippo

Top 11 Game Viewing Tips : Kruger National Park

Reading Time: 6 minutes A self drive in the Kruger can seem daunting for the newcomer so here are the top 11 game viewing tips.
1. Drive at the right time of day
2. Search in the right areas
3. Do your research
4. Find water
5. Look in the trees
6. Listen for alarm calls
7. Check the sightings board
8. Talk to others
9. Drive the back roads
10. Be patient
11. Check in camp

do animals attack safari vehicles lion at night

Do animals attack Safari vehicles?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Here are the five reasons you can feel safe from animal attack while on a safari vehicle:
1. Safety rules
2. Animals are used to tourists
3. Humans are not prey species
4. Expert guides
5. Abundance of natural prey

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