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I have been photographing wildlife in sub-Saharan Africa for more than 20 years. I have been fortunate enough to visit some incredible destinations and have been on photography tours guided by some of the top professionals out there.

I love being out in the bush taking photographs and I hope that the articles on this site will in some small way inspire you to do the same. I write about the places I have visited and the wildlife that I have photographed there. Please come and visit us here in Africa – you will leave with the best images of your life. Guaranteed.

andrew chislett

This site is dedicated to my daughter Catherine. She loved the bush and everything in it.

She is the leopard in the sausage tree

She is the eagle soaring in the sky

She is the feather that lands at my feet

Wildlife prints for sale

A small curated selection of my work is for sale as fine art prints and greeting cards.

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